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Fund Directions 2016


The Zane Cohen Centre – Toronto, ON ($25,000.00)

ZCC is a clinical research facility, internationally acclaimed as a leader in the understanding and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The Centre’s research focus is to determine the causes of hereditary familial cancers and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s), with an emphasis on their genetic preconditions.

The University of Toronto, Scholarship – Toronto, ON ($120,430.00)

Colon Cancer Canada’s Endowed Research Scholarship under the the Division of General Surgery’s Surgeon Scientist Training Program, as part of the Langer Chair at The University of Toronto. Surgeon Scientists are a rare breed. They bring important questions from everyday practice into the lab and translate scientific discovery into better health for all Canadians – bridging the gap between the laboratory bench and patient bedside. The Surgeon Scientist Training Program is the flagship program of the Department of Surgery, attracting outstanding trainees from across North America. Funds raised through Colon Cancer Canada’s Top to Bottom campaign will support next generation of colon cancer specialists within the Division of General Surgery. CCC helped in completing the Chair in 2016.

University of Calgary – Calgary AB ($58,400.00)

Funds raised through Push For Your Tush, were directed to the University of Calgary will help to develop new research in Cancer surgery in Calgary and southern Alberta. Through the recruitment of a clinical scientist who will advance the translational aspects od surgical oncology, the fund will help in the development of new treatments and lead improvements in cancer surgery to ensure that the best surgical treatments are available for better cancer patient outcomes.

The Ottawa Hospital – Ottawa, ON ($3,400.00)

Funds raised from Top To Bottom Ottawa, were directed to funding important research initiatives at The Ottawa Hospital to help improve quality of care for colorectal cancer patients, both locally and through collaborations with other Canadian centres

St. Boniface Hospital – Winnipeg, MA ($12,000.00) Funds raised from Top To Bottom Winnipeg were directed to support the colon and rectal surgery and education fund

Research & Equipment

London Health Sciences – London, ON ($41,610.00)

Funds raised from Top To Bottom and Push For Your Tush – London, were directed to surgical instrumentation to facilitate TAMIS procedures and support colorectal outcomes based research, which is vital to enhancing patient care.

Patient Resources

Royal Alexandra Hospital – Edmonton, AB ($31,350.00)

Funds raised from Top To Bottom and Push For Your Tush – Edmonton, were directed towards a high quality prospective database for all patients diagnosed with Colorecal Cancer in the Edmonton area. Database supportstaff, maintenance, research and analysis. Funding a structured patient support group.

Wendy Bear Palliative Care program ($64,793.00)

The funds raised through the Wendy Bear program are directed to palliative care patients needing financial assistance for end of life care.


Chalmers Foundation – Fredericton, NB ($8,550.00)

Funds raised from Push For Your Tush Fredericton were directed to the Chalmers Foundation to purchase an Argon Plasma Coagulation Unit (APC). This machine not only allows the doctor to do that effectively, they can look at the polyp site and use the APC to cauterize the edges to ensure any microscopic cells that may still be present are killed off.

Eagle Ridge Hospital – Vancouver, BC ($7,750.00)

Funds raised from Top To Bottom – Vancouver – were directed to Eagle Ridge Hospital to purchase an Intaoperative Endoscope. Precise localization of colorectal cancer is crucial for most appropriate operative cancer resection. Not only does it help in ensuring that all cancer is removed, it also aids with planning and executing bowel continuity restoration. Money raised allow(ed) us to purchase an intraoperative colonoscope. This device allows us to verify the exact cancer location as well as the quality of our operation when it counts the most, immediately before, during, and immediately after surgery.

Fondation du CHU de Quebec ($10,820.00)

Funds raised from Top To Bottom Quebec City were used to purchase an endoanal ultrasound 3-D.


BC Cancer Foundation – Vancouver, BC ($26,850.00)

Funds raised were directed to the BC Cancer Agency to assist with their awareness / screening campaign. This campaign was targeting 50-74 year olds living on Vancouver Island.

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