Past Events & Photographs

Push For Your Tush

Since 1996, Colon Cancer Canada has put on an annual walk/run for colon cancer research.  From its early start as the Body n’ Soul Walk/Run to its current version of Push For Your Tush, we have raised $3.8 million just by walking and running for the cause. You can check out pictures from years past by clicking on the links below!

2015AuroraBurlington / Calgary / Edmonton / LondonToronto / Vancouver

2014AuroraBurlington / Calgary / DurhamFrederictonTorontoTri-CitiesVancouver

2013Burlington / Calgary / Toronto / Tri-Cities / Vancouver


2011Burlington / Toronto

2010Toronto / Tri-Cities


If you have any pictures from walks past, send them to and we’ll add them here!

Top to Bottom

Top to Bottom is an opportunity for former patients, caregivers, suppliers, and others connected to the colon cancer community, to express their thanks, and lend their support by making a gift in honour of their doctor. Check out the links below to see pictures from past years wrap parties!

2014Toronto Wrap Party

2013Calgary / Toronto / Vancouver

Anne Murray Charity Golf Classic

Thank you for your ongoing support of Colon Cancer Canada and the Anne Murray Charity Golf Classic.  It is because of your generous individual and corporate donations that we have been able to continue with our patient assistance and early screening education.

From its simple beginnings as an opportunity to honour colon cancer patients, the tournament grew in exciting new ways with the addition of Anne Murray and her celebrity guests. The annual event that brought out over 200 players on a double course at one of the Toronto area’s finest courses.

It has been a wonderful ten year association, but collectively, we have decided that all good things must come to an end and that the time and resources needed to make the tournament a well run event, should be redirected.

Click the links below to see pictures from our past tournaments!

2013 / 2012

Gala of Hope

2010 / 2009

Stop Colon Cancer

…and share your story!

Your participation in our inaugural STOP : CANCER CAMPAIGN – sharing your story and personalizing the message of early screening and prevention- helped save Canadians across the country.

STOP : CANCER delivered this message through hundreds of Canadians who shared their stories and raised funds to save the lives of many more. Our goal was to expose the stories we don’t yet know about, honour the memories of the lives we have lost and celebrate those who have survived.

We hope that this provided you, not only a space to tell your important story but a mechanism through which to build meaningful, lasting and personal connections to other Canadians across the country who have been touched by this deadly disease.

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