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Drug reimbursement is not consistent nationally and is highly dependent upon the province or territory in which you live. Due to the fact that not all Health Canada approved treatments for colon cancer are reimbursed in all provinces, Colon Cancer Canada is a strong advocate for access to all proven therapies. You can make a difference by making your voice heard. Email us at and share your stories and experiences with drug access so that we can advocate for all patients across the country.

Colon Cancer Canada is a proud member of CCAN. Please visit their website to learn more about the Patient Voice Network: The Canadian Cancer Action Network.

Patient & Caregiver Journal

For almost two decades, Colon Cancer Canada has been a leading voice for the colon cancer community, providing vital funding and resources across three key pillars: education and awareness, research, and direct patient support.

In 2014, with support from a generous sponsor, we facilitated focus groups with patients, caregivers, nurses, GIs, colorectal surgeons, and other experts that helped confirm what we know from our own experience – that significant gaps exist in the resources that are available to help colon cancer patients and their caregivers today.

Armed with this research, we received unanimous support from our Board to work collaboratively with our nationwide network of medical experts to create a single “go to” resource that can serve as both a companion and guide to help Canadians better navigate their colon cancer journey.

Designed specifically with patients and their caregivers in mind, this informative resource will:

  • Increase their understanding of the disease, their treatment options, and its potential impact both during and after treatment.
  • Prepare and equip them to be better advocates for their own care.
  • Provide space to store medical records, and capture personal reflections and questions that arise during their journey and provide much-needed emotional support along the way.

Our first printed edition launches Fall 2015, with future plans to adapt the content for online and mobile audiences. Click here to learn how you can sponsor this initiative.



Wendy Bear Patient Assistance Program

The Wendy Bear Patient Assistance Program is named in memory of the wife of hockey legend Darryl Sittler, a long-time supporter of our charity. Wendy was instrumental in assisting with raising awareness and funds for Colon Cancer Canada before her passing in 2002.  She wanted to ensure that anyone diagnosed with cancer would have the necessary supports to help them manage their life with this disease.  It is in her memory that the Wendy Bear was created with 100% of the proceeds of the bear going directly to support palliative care patients in need.

To apply for The Wendy Bear Patient Assistance Program, please click here.

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